Philia & Founders

We want to create a place where community can flourish. In that spirit, we are allowing a small group of select friends to join alongside us as we embark on this endeavor.
-Will & Dani

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Jess (Porta Blu owner) and Dani talking about design specifics during the demo stage with the plans overlaid in the background.


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Invest in Philia

You can invest in Philia online or by sending a check.

  1. Sending a Check through the mail:
    • Payable to: Philia Coffee Community & Wine Bar LLC.
    • Address: Philia Coffee Co, 100 Porfirio Diaz St., El Paso, TX 79902
    • If sending a check, it must be postmarked by 1 Aug 2020.
  2. Online. A button will appear below and we will email you if eligible to invest online.
    • We register your name with DWOLLA, an online payment service provider.
    • You can add a bank account with Plaid, an online bank verification platform. Using Plaid means we do not need to verify your account with 2 small deposits.
    • We send your Plaid account token to Dwolla, which allows you to initiate an ACH transfer to our business account to invest.
    • When you click invest, Philia requests an ACH transfer through Dwolla using that token.
    • The transfer process takes 3-5 days.
    • Philia NEVER sees your bank login information or bank account details.
    • We only store the tokens and bank account name and last 4 digits.
    • The tokens only work with our secret Dwolla API key, which we keep encrypted.

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We use Plaid, an online banking verification platform, to verify your bank account details. Plaid allows us to skip verifying your bank account with 2 small deposits. If you are uncomfortable or have difficulties using Plaid, please reach out to Will & Dani or invest by check.
Philia never sees or stores your login credentials.
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We do not store any of your banking information on our system. If you proceed to remove this account, we will delete the token we store on our system.

Please do not remove your bank account while waiting for a transfer to complete. If you want to cancel a transfer, please contact Will and Dani or cancel transfer above.